Magic Stars, working for a Megalomaniac and other concerns

I used to be a waitress for a small bespoke coffee shop in my first and second year of university and although I liked my job, my manager was a complete megalomaniac.

Luckily, as a waitress, I was often spared from his wrath, but our junior manager was constantly in the shits. So much so that no one really stayed in that role for longer than 3 months. They either got fired because they had the balls to call him out on his shit or they could see themselves developing low-level anxiety and quit.

Then every few months you would see them advertising the role again on two or three different job boards and despite their well-known track record, people would still apply.

It should be noted that this was in like 2015, David Cameron was Prime Minister and all the major news outlets were focusing on the Government’s incentive to permanently ban porn and everyone was also obsessed with a pig?

Fast-forward to Theresa May being in power. All the people advocating for Brexit are slowly realising their mistake and potentially going into police protection? Borris Johnson referring to Muslim women wearing Burkha’s as letterboxes and jobs being even more scarce than ever.

We’re living in a time where people literally have no other option but to work for megalomaniacs. Everyone has pretty much figured out that Brexit Britain seems pretty bleak and desolate. The concept single-handily managed to butcher the job market to the point that I actually don’t want to think about what will happen if the deal actually goes through.

Despite witnessing the negative impact this has had on our country, we are still trying to go through with it?

I don’t think it’s because they want to leave the EU, especially when Theresa May didn’t even vote ‘out’ in the first place. It seems like the people in charge are too proud to use the imaginary reverse button and actually admit to the fact that as a nation, we’ve fucked it.

On the bright side, the British public are not too proud to admit their mistake and have managed to get a petition trending online in the hope that another referendum will take place.

Especially, when most of us are just looking for a simple life that involves job security, having a valid driver’s license when travelling around Europe and an uncapped supply of magic stars – among other things that are going to be more expensive in England, if the deal goes through.

But my man Nigel Farage is really making that difficult. It’s almost like he doesn’t care about the plummeting graduate employment rates, staffing for the NHS, the impact on trade with other countries in the EU and the increased racism.

Why are so many people under the illusion that Brexit marks some form of independence for England?

It’s like we’ve forgotten how the British empire stripped most countries of their own independence. They entered every single country as a guest and colonised, terrorized and looted all of them, the national British Museum in London being evidence of this.

I mean with this in mind, is it just me or do you not fully understand why we are asking for independence either?

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