2020 in Review: What did we Learn?

This year has just been me and my overheating laptop that sounds like a jet engine about to catch fire and my anxiety-induced on and off relationship with coffee. Is it fair to say, most of us started the year not knowing the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic. Although some of us stillContinue reading “2020 in Review: What did we Learn?”

VIDEO: How to Roast your Friends During Lockdown

I did my make up and asked one of my uni mates to do a voice over for me.  I suggested we do a collab like old school YouTubers from 2013 because he has a football blog. He said no due to my lack of extensive football knowledge, which I thought was a bit rude,Continue reading “VIDEO: How to Roast your Friends During Lockdown”

Why I don’t want a baby

I have no idea how to hold a baby. They’ve always scared me so I’ve just done a pretty good job in avoiding them so far. I refused to go near my nephew until he turned 3 and started to seem like less of a dropping hazard and more of a liability and therefore slightlyContinue reading “Why I don’t want a baby”

How to Reject a Guy

Everyone’s a serial ghoster and it’s got to the point where we’re almost impressed by someone who takes the initiative to ghost us first. The only concern I have when it comes to ghosting people I have never met, is whether it’s a way of building up bad karma, which is a narcissistic approach, andContinue reading “How to Reject a Guy”

VIDEO:Bromsgrove’s local Zero-Waste shop has adapted to the COVID-climate

A SMALL business in Bromsgrove has found a creative way to survive whilst following lockdown restrictions and rising COVID19 concerns. Emily Atwell, 23 is the founder of Nature’s Intention which is a local shop that advocates zero waste and sells vegan friendly products and food.   The store was listed as an essential business thatContinue reading “VIDEO:Bromsgrove’s local Zero-Waste shop has adapted to the COVID-climate”

What is it like to have your Birthday in Quarantine?

I lack the ability to show excitement and the talent heightens around my birthday in particular, like I’ve just never been overly fussed about the element of surprise which has always annoyed my friends and family who particularly enjoy implementing the element of surprise at various moments throughout the day.

10 Things to do During a Storm

There is a storm outside, here is a list of 10 groundbreaking things you can do during a storm that you’ve probably never even thought of before. 1. Procrastinate on your Public Affairs revision Procrastinate by writing a blogpost about things you should do in a storm which seems like a full proof plan, inContinue reading “10 Things to do During a Storm”

Do most women feel pressured to look pretty all the time?  

Women reveal why they really wear make-up every day.   In recent years, the idea of beauty has become broad and the beauty industry has noticeably shifted its focus to embrace individuality and body positivity.  The façade that once upon a time, managed to convince every girl to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards is slowly collapsing.  Continue reading “Do most women feel pressured to look pretty all the time?  “

I Interviewed a PGCE Student and Asked her all the Important Questions, so you don’t have to

Did everyone used to think teachers sleep in classrooms during the night in primary school? All for THAT Doctor Who episode to, not only confirm our theory, but also show them as Krillitanes (a composite species that takes desirable attributes of the species they conquer.) Obviously, (most) of us have worked out that teachers don’tContinue reading “I Interviewed a PGCE Student and Asked her all the Important Questions, so you don’t have to”