Imposter Syndrome and other becoming of age concerns

I think having a birthday twin is one of the best things that could happen to you. . Especially if you're the older one in the situation because then you hold it over their head for the next ten years. First of all, you're friends for life, even if your communication revolves around wishing each... Continue Reading →

2020 in Review: What did we Learn?

This year has just been me and my overheating laptop that sounds like a jet engine about to catch fire and my anxiety-induced on and off relationship with coffee. Is it fair to say, most of us started the year not knowing the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic. Although some of us still... Continue Reading →

That’s a Spotify Wrap

Here’s a six-word punch for you: ‘Spotify Wrap in a global pandemic.’ Every year the app encourages subscribers to share their yearly streaming habits on social media. Although this year has been no different, there has been a noticeable shift in the number of people willing to share their top five ‘like a badge of... Continue Reading →

Rape: are we all scared of the dark?

When did you learn that love, Santa clause, occasional quiet reflection and prayer can’t make the world go around? Was it prior or peak the global pandemic? Regardless of the timescale greed, power, money and the patriarchy have always been prominent features of our society. But is it bleak to believe that these four things... Continue Reading →

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