Indian Farmers and the Largest Peaceful Protest on earth

Indian farmers have been protesting against the Indian governments decision to introduce three new legislations under the Indian Farm Reforms on the 27 September.  By December, the movement gained international support and over 250 million people have taken part in this demonstration which has made it the largest peaceful protest on earth according to reports. ... Continue Reading →

What will People Say when you Date Outside of your Race

It’s like the whole community wants to be fair skinned but not actually white. Indian aunties would rather you marry an undercover Indian drug lord who is heavily sought after over international seas then approve your marriage to a white guy from Bristol with a Chemistry degree.  If you marry the ‘Chemistry degree,’ they’ll boycott... Continue Reading →

The Art of Uniform

In order to gain admission into this esteemed organisation, you must follow the strict decorum regarding the uniform. In order to survive in this esteemed organisation, you must accept that all attempts of innovation will be abhorred until overruled. You are a slave to a corporation you are legally required to attend until the age... Continue Reading →

Protect our privilege

I’m part of a generation that basks in anarchy, whilst the society proudly regresses in a way that can sometimes feel like that the right side of history is yet to come.    Especially when recent political voices have managed to relaunch the remaining racists in the world as ‘very fine people’ and blurred that... Continue Reading →

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