Magic Stars, working for a Megalomaniac and other concerns

I used to be a waitress for a small bespoke coffee shop in my first and second year of university and although I liked my job, my manager was a complete megalomaniac. Luckily, as a waitress, I was often spared from his wrath, but our junior manager was constantly in the shits. So much soContinue reading “Magic Stars, working for a Megalomaniac and other concerns”

The Tribe of Undomesticated Goddesses

Kanjak is an ancient Hindu Festival that is rooted in uplifting young unmarried girls to the innate status of Goddesses according to the Hindu tradition. It affirms the idea that daughters are the reincarnation of Goddess Laxmi and are destined to bring luck and prosperity to the family they are born into. Like most youngContinue reading “The Tribe of Undomesticated Goddesses”

When In Prague

The problem with being the dramatic one in your friendship group is that when you are really, throwing-your-guts-up ill, they think you are being dramatic.  My projectile vomiting began on last Thursday at 10pm, Prague time. My friends and I were walking home after dinner on cobbled streets that were making me question if IContinue reading “When In Prague”

Send Help: Is there a Psychopath Living Next Door?

‘I’m just going to ask him not to come. Like not ask, I’m going to tell him…he invited himself, like the fuck was I supposed to say?’  ‘I mean if you don’t ask you don’t get.’ ‘I feel like, in this situation, if I ask then all I’m going to get is animosity.’ Autumn andContinue reading “Send Help: Is there a Psychopath Living Next Door?”

Spider-gate: That time we became a spider’s bait

Saturday morning, the problem had arrived. An eight-legged monster had scuttled into our home and declared war on its residences; making Saturday a dark day because the spider won. After the incident drastic measures were taken; the girls I live with began to pee in packs and before showering a text would be circulated aroundContinue reading “Spider-gate: That time we became a spider’s bait”