Women are being Encouraged to Challenge Sexism in the West Mercia Police Force

Uncover Your Potential is a campaign launched by the Women of West Mercia to encourage women to join the police force and challenge unhealthy gender stereotypes. The movement is championing gender equality in the midst of Coronavirus by urging prospective candidates to submit applications and encourage parents to challenge their gender biases through home education.Continue reading “Women are being Encouraged to Challenge Sexism in the West Mercia Police Force”

My Interview with an Accountant

Accountancy is a career that involves networking, canny maths skills and the occasional need to wear a very sleek suit. I asked my friend to describe her job in a funny way and she said “there’s no funny way to describe my job” but this is how she would describe her job to non-accountants: CompanyContinue reading “My Interview with an Accountant”

Do most women feel pressured to look pretty all the time?  

Women reveal why they really wear make-up every day.   In recent years, the idea of beauty has become broad and the beauty industry has noticeably shifted its focus to embrace individuality and body positivity.  The façade that once upon a time, managed to convince every girl to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards is slowly collapsing.  Continue reading “Do most women feel pressured to look pretty all the time?  “

Why Are Feminists Telling us to Stop Wearing Tampons?

I wonder if everyone has the same definition of feminism; if we were all asked to give a SparkNotes summary of the movement, would we all come to the same conclusion? A poll carried out by YouGov in 2018 revealed that only 34% of women in the UK identify as Feminists, despite the same reportContinue reading “Why Are Feminists Telling us to Stop Wearing Tampons?”

The Tribe of Undomesticated Goddesses

Kanjak is an ancient Hindu Festival that is rooted in uplifting young unmarried girls to the innate status of Goddesses according to the Hindu tradition. It affirms the idea that daughters are the reincarnation of Goddess Laxmi and are destined to bring luck and prosperity to the family they are born into. Like most youngContinue reading “The Tribe of Undomesticated Goddesses”