VIDEO:Bromsgrove’s local Zero-Waste shop has adapted to the COVID-climate

A SMALL business in Bromsgrove has found a creative way to survive whilst following lockdown restrictions and rising COVID19 concerns. Emily Atwell, 23 is the founder of Natureโ€™s Intention which is a local shop that advocates zero waste and sells vegan friendly products and food.   The store was listed as an essential business thatContinue reading “VIDEO:Bromsgrove’s local Zero-Waste shop has adapted to the COVID-climate”

Thoughts on Aladdin and Something about the Environment

A few weeks ago, a sixteen-year-old girl organised a peaceful climate change protest. I was sent to interview her, and I had a plastic water bottle in my bag the whole time. Despite the mild hypocrisy and trying not to question whether it made me a bad person, the interview went pretty well. I askedContinue reading “Thoughts on Aladdin and Something about the Environment”