The Art of Uniform

In order to gain admission into this esteemed organisation, you must follow the strict decorum regarding the uniform. In order to survive in this esteemed organisation, you must accept that all attempts of innovation will be abhorred until overruled. You are a slave to a corporation you are legally required to attend until the ageContinue reading “The Art of Uniform”

Protect our privilege

I’m part of a generation that basks in anarchy, whilst the society proudly regresses in a way that can sometimes feel like that the right side of history is yet to come.    Especially when recent political voices have managed to relaunch the remaining racists in the world as ‘very fine people’ and blurred thatContinue reading “Protect our privilege”

Send Help: Is there a Psychopath Living Next Door?

‘I’m just going to ask him not to come. Like not ask, I’m going to tell him…he invited himself, like the fuck was I supposed to say?’  ‘I mean if you don’t ask you don’t get.’ ‘I feel like, in this situation, if I ask then all I’m going to get is animosity.’ Autumn andContinue reading “Send Help: Is there a Psychopath Living Next Door?”