What is it like to have your Birthday in Quarantine?

 The memes about having your birthday in quarantine were funny until I realised my birthday was on day three of the national lockdown.

I spent most of the morning outside soaking up the sun and listening to Kirtan until my phone overheated, stopped working and demanded to be taken inside.

I had an online class at 1pm where my attendance was looking very unlikely, but my phone had overheated and I wanted to see my mates, so I switched on my laptop and went to my lecture, from my room obviously.

After the class, it was 2pm and I feel like I was having an epiphany, I suddenly acquired the position of Raven from That’s so Raven, looking into the future and it hit me that I’m stuck in my house and I don’t know for how long.

I think before I was more like; my exams are cancelled, I don’t know if I’ll be able to qualify this year, I need to get a refund on my train pass, I don’t know when I’ll see my friends again- like the last time we all went and grabbed a burger after the shorthand exam was really the last time.

I know it’s narcissistic, but I think it really was yesterday where it just hit me and I thought f*ck this is happening -we’re making history under really harrowing circumstances.

Throughout the course of my day, I quickly realised that this is the season for backhanded birthday wishes, like yes luv thank you for reminding me that my birthday is under unfortunate circumstances, you should’ve let me know beforehand, I would have rescheduled it for you. Also shout out to captain obvious for informing me that we would have gone out for my birthday, but we can’t because we’re stuck inside. *

On my birthday, I still had articles to write, a portfolio to create, shorthand to practice and exams to revise for and I didn’t feel like doing any of that. The FaceTime calls managed to feed my attention span for most of the day but in-between all of that I was actually quite bored.

Luckily, a really old friend of mine is born the day after me and every year we always share birthday wishes, life updates and I’ve been singlehandedly maintaining the tradition of holding the fact that I’m a day older than him since we were 12. It was nice to talk to someone who didn’t make me feel guilty for being sad about having a dull birthday during a global pandemic.

On the surface this probably makes me out to be a narcissist with a convoluted set of priorities, but I think celebrating milestones and personal wins is something that will bring us together and keep us sane, especially during a time like this.

If your birthday is during this time, it’s okay to want to celebrate it but it’s also normal to feel guilty about it too.

Just a heads up, if you decide to order Domino’s pizza, they now say on their website that they are going to leave your order two metres away from your house and ring you once they’ve had the chance to leg it.

Although this was amusing, the main thing I learnt from this experience is that it can be used as one of your truths in a game of two truths and a lie on anyone born after 2019.

*I’m actually really grateful for all the birthday wishes and I’m roasting a few of you with love ❤

Here is a link to all of the songs I listened to whilst writing this post.

Hope you are all staying safe and sane (both equally important)

10 Things to do During a Storm

There is a storm outside, here is a list of 10 groundbreaking things you can do during a storm that you’ve probably never even thought of before.

1. Procrastinate on your Public Affairs revision

Procrastinate by writing a blogpost about things you should do in a storm which seems like a full proof plan, in theory.

2. Googling Storm Ciara

In the grand scheme of things, the storm seems like the season 4 plot twist we’ve all been waiting for. If we were to place a nihilistic bet on how humanity would ultimately end, most people would say coronavirus, our personal lack of common sense or some political leaders and their personal lack of common sense but then the universe was like BOOM, have a storm.


May or may not regret googling it #iamawokefemalewithaninternetconnection

3. Film the storm on snapchat to let people know there is a storm

Just in case your audience has discovered how to use snapchat but not windows. Tbh they might not even have windows and in that case, we can laugh, but really these film-makers are the ones doing the lords work.

4. Make some tea

Rain makes everyone into a tea drinker, looking out the window with a scorching cup of tea thinking, just being smug about the fact that you’re not outside right now because my 5.2 ass would get blown over in 0.2 seconds.

5. Weigh up the pros and cons of the world actually ending

Here is mine:

Pros of the world endingCons of the world ending
Won’t have to do anymore shorthand exams 

6. Instagram

Stalk people on instagram, stalk yourself on instagram, deal with second-hand embarrassment from the captions you wrote from like a year ago. Then put your phone down.

Sometimes I write captions I shouldn’t

7. (A lowkey serious option) Make a den in the living room with your siblings/friends

Don’t forget to bring duvets, snacks, fairy lights, pillows and obviously hope for the future

8. Pick your phone up again and repeat no. 6

Contemplate editing said captions but then deciding to keep them to remind yourself how much of a moron you used to be

9. Google how to survive in a Zombie apocalypse

The storm could be a part of climate change, but we could also be on the brink of a zombie apocalypse and it would be naive not to consider all the viable possibilities.

Now is the time to draw up your game plan, pack your suitcase and keep an eye on those suburban wine Mum’s because they are definitely going to be the first ones to turn into Zombies.

10. FaceTime/talk your Mom

To give her all the goss, an update on the garden fence the storm blew over last night and go over your Public Affairs revision

Here is a link to the songs I listened to whilst writing this blogpost

And Finally

A guide on how (not) to bake cookies

Baking cookies is pretty straightforward, you literally cannot mess this up, like you’ll probably find a way- but on paper, it’s foolproof. 

My Mom was particularly pleased when I rang her to say I was baking, although the enthusiasm dropped when I asked her for help and she realised our conversation actually turned into babysitting her 22-year-old over Facetime. 

My Mom thinks it’s important to encourage stereotypically feminine hobbies, like baking, sewing and embroidery. Especially now that it’s become apparent that I do not naturally excel in any of these. 


  1.  Milk (or maybe even Baileys – if you know the cookies are going to taste bad and want to deter the attention)
  2. 225g of plain flour
  3. A crime documentary on Netflix that you’re going to watch whilst baking
  4. A bowl
  5. A spoon
  6. 150g of Butter
  7. Hope
  8. 80g of brown sugar
  9. 1 large egg
  10. 200g of plain chocolate chips or chunks
  11. Vanilla extract (If you’re basic)
  12. Determination and resilience 
  13. An oven
  14. Props to make the baked cookies look cute for the Instagram picture (because that is what you’re doing this for, let’s be real)
  15. Your Mother on Facetime because there is a high chance this will go wrong
  16. A packet from Morrison’s that has all the cookie mixture done for you and all you have to do is add water (as back up)
  17. Salt (although I chose to avoid this ingredient because I’m a moron)
  18. 1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Step 1:

Heat the oven to 180C and get your younger sibling to grease a baking tray for you

Step 2:

Put the butter in the microwave first for about 15 seconds because nobody has the time to wait for it to ‘melt naturally.’

Put your butter in the bowl and add sugar and beat until creamy, then add the vanilla extract and egg.

Gradually mix in the flour (milk should be kept on standby for this step in case you put too much flour in and need to make the mixture creamy again) 

Add the chocolate chips into the mixture and stir well. Ask your Mom how long you should mix for. She’ll probably tell you to use your common sense so that basically means you have to google it.


Step 3:

You’re supposed to use an ice cream cone to make small scoops of the mixture before placing them onto the baking tray. But honestly at this point I got bored and didn’t even try to make them evenly shaped, I just plonked them on the baking tray and threw up a prayer before putting them in the oven. 

Step 4:

Took them out of the oven 3.4 seconds later because my Mom told me to put them in the fridge first so the dough can set.

So step 4 is putting them in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Step 5:

I showed my Mom this picture (below) and she said it should not look like this before you put it in the oven and with that positive affirmation I threw up another prayer and I put them in the oven anyway.


Step 6:

Wait for your cookies to bake for 12 minutes. 

Whilst you are waiting you could: 

a. do some revision (i.e read your law book or practice shorthand) 

b. watch your crime documentary 

c. find things you can use as props for the picture you’re going to take once the cookies are baked. I went into the garden and came back with a fake flower and half a tree. 

Step 7:

Idk what you do now, like maybe tidy up the mess you’ve made and pray no one gets food poisoning? 



Songs: I listend to FINNEAS whilst writing this blogpost, here is a link to the playlist. 

The End, follow this recipie at your own risk

My Interview with an Accountant

Accountancy is a career that involves networking, canny maths skills and the occasional need to wear a very sleek suit.

I asked my friend to describe her job in a funny way and she said “there’s no funny way to describe my job” but this is how she would describe her job to non-accountants:

  1. Company makes financial statements
  2. We determine whether they are true and fair and an accurate representation of the company
  3. If they are true and fair, “we’re like yay good job”

Often, nine to five’s are considered to be a laborious slog that everybody participates in once in their life until their passion project comes along – it’s what every Hallmark movie has taught us. But I don’t think that narrative is completely fair especially after my interview with a trainee accountant that is incredibly passionate about her job.

1. What do you do?

I’m an Accounting and Finance student but I’m currently on a placement year working as a trainee Auditor.

My main role is to audit client’s financial statement, which means it’s a mix of working in the office, at home and client sites throughout the week.

2. What inspired you to do accounting and finance?

My Indian Mother would always tell me to be an accountant when I was growing up because I was good at maths. But I always said: “No, I don’t want to be an accountant, that’s so boring.” Once I got to the age where I needed to start applying for uni, I was doing my research and came across accounting-specifically, auditing. I thought, this is actually quite interesting. So, I managed to get work experience which helped me realise that this is something I really wanted to do.

Then I realised I had to go back to my Indian mother and tell her that I wanted to do accounting. She said: ‘that’s what I’ve been telling since you were 5.’

3. What subjects did you choose for A-Levels and do you need any specific ones for Accounting?

Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English lit for AS.

Most uni’s don’t actually require you to have done any specific subjects, not even maths but I would defiantly recommend doing maths. There are always going to be one or two modules in your first year that you’re just going to be lost in if you don’t have a foundation of A-Level maths.

Apart from that, pick subjects you like and enjoy. Having said that, when I was picking my A-Levels, I was still pretty undecided and wanted to keep my options open.

4. So, you’re on a placement year, how did you go about searching for a placement?

It was mainly through uni, there are usually quite a lot of resources available.

I used Rate-my-Placement and Target Jobs a lot too.

I applied to the big firms, so the big four and the big 20.

I wrote out template application paragraphs so that I could adapt them to the different online application processes, just to save myself some time because they take ages and you have uni work.

5. Do you have any advice when you’re on placement/work experience?

Be friendly and approachable.

Be open to all opportunities thrown at you because it’s a great excuse for learning, especially on placement – you’ll probably be learning every day in the beginning so if you’re open to every opportunity, you’re going to learn a lot more.

Be nice to everybody, not only does this make the work environment a friendlier place, but it makes it easier to approach people if you need help.

A bit of a advice for when you’re on clients sites is you shouldn’t say ‘correct’ or ‘fraud’ – those are the taboo words.

6. Why can’t you say correct?

Because our job is to make sure that everything is a true representative, whereas saying it’s correct is absolute.

7. What advice do you have for someone that wants to go into accounting or auditing?

If you are at school and you’re considering accounting, I would recommend getting at least weeks’ worth of work experience in a big company’s financial department because they should have an internal auditing team. I did this myself in Year 12; my friend’s Mum worked in the finance department in a large public sector company. I think so many people often put negative connotations on getting work experience by knowing someone else, but the thing is: you still got it. Networking is always a good thing, because half the job is literally networking. I think work experience is good because it’s hard to know what accounting actually entails until you try it.

If you’re a bit older and maybe thinking about doing accounting at uni or looking for a placement year at the moment, I would say: apply early for your placements and graduate jobs.

If you’re in sixth form; do your research on the course. Make sure the course is actually good and consists of things that you actually prioritise and are interested in, rather than the uni rep or the city.


8. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing is going to different client sites and the amount of traveling you’ll do because some of the places you’re sent to, I’ve never been to before.


I’ve just been listening to Jimmi Hendrix this week, did you know that once in the 60s he set his electric guitar on fire by accident.

You can listen to the playlist here


Do most women feel pressured to look pretty all the time?  

Women reveal why they really wear make-up every day.  

In recent years, the idea of beauty has become broad and the beauty industry has noticeably shifted its focus to embrace individuality and body positivity. 

The façade that once upon a time, managed to convince every girl to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards is slowly collapsing.  

The revelation has managed to hindrance the global decorum that formally kept women everywhere slightly insecure about something. 

Although, it would be naive to believe that the unwritten tick list of beauty standards has suddenly become redundant.  

Is vanity the gatekeeper for narcissism? 

Women who wear make-up every day are superheroes and I wish I had the same level of drive, commitment and determination as them. But instead I actively choose to look like a potato most days. In my third year of university, my housemate and I would always leave the house around the same time in the morning. We would both wake up early, but she would spend her time doing her make-up whilst I would read over my lecture notes and eat toast.  

Although there isn’t anything wrong with either scenario, I often find that women who choose not to wear make-up every day are considered to be making some form of social statement. Especially, because wearing make-up has almost become a mandatory requirement and a bare face somehow equates to putting your middle finger up at the beauty industry?

In an online survey I conducted, women were asked the following questions: 

  1. Do you wear make-up every day for work/school/uni/college?
  2. Why do you like wearing make-up? Option 1: it’s fun and I want too! Option 2: It helps me feel more put together

There was an equal divide between the first question, but the survey indicated that women who go to work are more likely to wear make-up every day than the girls that are still in full-time education. 

55% of the women I asked admitted that they like to wear make-up because it helps them feel more put together. 

Furthermore, I asked my housemate who is now a trainee teacher, why she chooses to wear make up every day to work and she said: “It’s all about looking professional and polished and giving a good impression. It’s almost like having a professional face on for the full time you’re there.

“It’s nice to have five mins in the morning when you sit and essentially pamper yourself to set yourself up for the day.”

I also asked a lawyer why she wore make-up every day and she said: ““It helps me feel less vulnerable when dealing with my difficult clients or Police.” 

Overall, the consensus of the data indicated that the use of make-up isn’t affiliated with vanity the majority of the time. As most women revealed that looking presentable and wearing make-up are often considered to be the same thing. 


Why are women so keen to put on a full face of make-up just 20 minutes after giving birth?

When Kim Kardashian was pregnant with her daughter North in 2013, she told Kourtney on Keeping up with the Kardashians that she wanted her make-up team present when she gave birth. 

In fact, in a survey from The Sun said around 64% of pregnant women prefer to get a spray tan or blow-dry their hair before they’re due to go into labour. A further 77% of new mums admitted to putting make-up on just 20 minutes after giving birth.

The study stated that 31% said they wanted to look beautiful in the pictures whilst 26% said they applied their make-up for the visitors. 

But why? 

On the surface, Kim Kardashian’s reasoning may be considered as superficial and narcissistic, when the truth is, most of these women are implementing society’s need for them to look beautiful all the time in a real-life scenario. 

Do most women feel pressured to look pretty all the time?  

When it comes to make-up, most guys think they’re supposed to say “I’m sure you don’t need make-up anyways’ at least once in the conversation. I think this is because the music industry often celebrates natural beauty with songs like; ‘Humble’ by Kendrick Lamar, ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars and ‘What makes you beautiful’ by One Direction. 

But no offence, most boys don’t know the difference between no make-up and no make-up make-up, nor can they successfully identify a mascara wand from a make-up bag. So, it’s fair to say that most women do not wear make-up for their validation. 

I interviewed a beautician called Sharon from Cute Salon in Birmingham and she quite confidently told me that women wear make-up for themselves. She said: “most women see it as a way to express themselves and the beauty industry has always given women more options to experiment with the way they look.” 

Although, make-up can be perceived as quite fun, I think how you feel about it is quite subjective. 

Finally, the advice that I often give the girls I teach dance to is make-up should be used to enhance your already pretty features. It is not something that you use to make yourself look and feel like someone completely different. 

You just need to figure out what makes you feel comfortable and go with that in a very unapologetic way, because society hates that. 




I’m not gonna lie, I had a mental breakdown and listened to the Shrek playlist whilst writing this, here is the link. You’re all welcome. 

I Interviewed a PGCE Student and Asked her all the Important Questions, so you don’t have to

Did everyone used to think teachers sleep in classrooms during the night in primary school? All for THAT Doctor Who episode to, not only confirm our theory, but also show them as Krillitanes (a composite species that takes desirable attributes of the species they conquer.)

Obviously, (most) of us have worked out that teachers don’t actually live in the school that they work in. But do you think that teachers were born teachers because after interviewing a PGCE History student, I can’t help but wonder if this craft is innate? Especially as teaching takes resilience, patience and a lot of passion. 

The teacher I interviewed was incredibly passionate about history and I learned a lot about the 19th century. It was obvious that she had the type of enthusiasm you can’t fake and determination that means you lead by example. The type of teacher that inspires her pupils by making sure she is always inspired first.

I think she’ll make an appearance on one of her ex-pupils acceptance speeches one day for when they do something impressive (fingers crossed it’s for the right reasons.)

What inspired you to do your PGCE?

I decided I wanted to be a teacher on the first day of school. I like the idea of helping children from disadvantaged areas and I love learning and teaching new things.


What did subjects did you study for your A-levels and what did was your degree in?

My degree is in History and Education and my A-levels were; English literature, Art, History and I have an AS in classical civilisation, but we don’t talk about that. 

 How important is work experience if you want to go into teaching?

I think you actually have to have at least 10 day’s work experience just to get on the PGCE teacher-training course.

Work experience is pretty important because it’s a good way of working out whether teaching is for you.

It might even help you decide what type of teacher you want to be – before I found my work experience, I was set on working in a primary school but when I got my placement in a secondary school, I loved it. The children were so lovely and had their own personalities and it was actually a lot of fun.

I would say try and find 10 days of work experience if you’re considering teaching because it might help you make up your mind on whether this is really what you want to do.


How did you find work experience?

 I just emailed every school in my county and if that didn’t work, I rang them too. It’s just about putting yourself out there and you’ll get a response, eventually. 

Be sure to contact your old school too!

But also remember that they might take a bit of time to get back to you, so common etiquette would be to give it at least one week before you consider writing a follow-up email.

Although, work experience doesn’t have to be restricted to just schools, throughout university I was working as a youth worker at a local youth group that supported underprivileged kids. I got this opportunity because I met the lead youth worker at the school I was on work experience at and then emailed her afterwards. So, the best way to gain work experience is just to talk to anyone you meet and ask them for the golden opportunity.

Do you have any advice that will ensure you ace your work experience?

Dress smart, I’ve heard so many horror stories about schools having to send work experience kids home because they turned up in flip-flops.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and ask the teacher you’re shadowing how they want you to help. Some teachers might want you to just observe how they’re teaching, and others might want you to get stuck in and build relationships with the children. It depends on the teacher but as long as your optimistic and willing to help you should be able to make a strong impression.

Any advice for aspiring PGCE students?

My main advice would be to know what you’re getting yourself into – this is a hard year.

A key part of the PGCE’s are the placements and although this isn’t essential, but if you are in a position to learn how to drive before you start – definitely learn, because it will make your commute to and from your placements a lot easier.

Find a way to balance your life and work and do things just for you amid all the essays and placements, even if it’s only for half-an-hour or an hour.

Like when I was doing my undergrad, I would always eat Nutella on toast when I felt a bit stressed but now one of my housemates has a nut allergy and, in some ways, living with someone with a nut allergy has ruined my life. 

But prioritising sleep is also important, eating on time – making sure you eat, even if it’s just pasta.

I also think, like most things, having a big support network is really important, I don’t think I could’ve got through my undergrad without a strong support network so make sure you have people around you that are supportive about what you’re doing.



  1. Die Alone – FINNEAS



2. N i G H T S – Tequila


3. Reignwolf – Are You Satisfied?


4. Kasabian – You’re In Love With a Psycho


5. Foy Vance – Make it rain

ONLY QUESTIONS: The Ex-Con and Society’s obsession with perfection

When you’re stuck in a lift with a woman that is 4’11, you do not react when she tells you she’s an ex-con.

Having said this, I reacted. I gave a hesitant smile followed by a bleak nod and then perched on the floor, next to the emergency exit button, and started to eat my fruit and fibre Belvita breakfast bar that I should’ve eaten on the train.A few moments later, in an attempt to redeem myself, I told her I was going to try and use the lift’s phone to ring reception. She smiled and awkwardly nodded.

We ended up chatting until we heard a slightly inept fire fighter yelling at us to ‘move out of the way’ before he started to wedge the doors open – and just like that, my excitement for the day was over.

By the time I was waiting for my train home, I was still thinking about my conversation with Sally, * the ex-con. She spoke a lot about societies obsession with presenting rose tinted versions of ourselves and the importance of breaking out of this façade.

Angry Season 4 GIF

But I thought reaching a stage in life where you don’t give a shit anymore was just a preverbal myth? Especially, when we live in a society that has an obsession with keeping up with appearances and, as a result, we spend most of our time hyping ourselves from turds into shiny turds. But is our façade most prevalent when there are at least 6(0)-7(0) witnesses present?

So, where do I go to sell my soul to ensure the ultimate glow-up – does Satan take student debit cards?

Satan GIF

As a society, are we looking for happiness or validation or has social media blurred the line between the two so much that we’re struggling to see the difference?I’m assuming the pained husband looks and daily animosity towards the momentous and mildly inconvenient first world problems are tactfully brushed aside when meeting someone new. They probably don’t make it on to social media either – unless you’re sending a strongly worded tweet to get a refund.

But what about when we find ourselves in a weird social limbo like on a train station or the entirety of London. It’s like, we’re surrounded by people, but nobody is really paying attention to one another. We’re all just vacant zombies guarding our overpriced coffees and phones in corporate clothing.

Are we still keeping up appearances?

Animation Art GIF by The Daily Doodles

The rain was relentless; as if it was personally targeting anyone keen enough to wait on the yellow line. Once the train arrived, the clockwork began: the soft, cacophonic mutterings exchanged amongst strangers as they tried to shake the corporate world off of themselves, in urgent preparation to personify the other titles they’ve earned in life. The stiff-upper lip accompanied with a dreary grunt that often substitutes for words when asking if a seat is free. The students hunched over their (law) books with their phones in one hand and hints of naivety (that anything is actually going to go in amidst the chaos) in the other.

But would my description be the same if everyone on the train station was told they are going to be filmed and live streamed. Despite a possible lawsuit and the most dedicated turds still telling me to f*ck off, I think everyone else would take a moment to transform themselves from turds to a shiny one.

In the hope that their façade doesn’t break.



I’m calling this small playlist ‘damn girl – who hurt you’

  1. Noah Kahan – False Confidence


2. Why Do you Love me – Charlotte Lawrence

3. Heaven – FINNEAS

4. Nice to Meet ya = Niall Horan

10 stages of wearing a saree

It should be noted that none of your life skills to date have prepared you for this.


1. Excitement

 The excitement is often affiliated with a hint of naivety. If I were to convey what wearing a saree is like in a metaphor, it would probably involve a cheating boyfriend and not knowing when the whole thing will fall apart.

Happy Fun GIF by reactionseditor

2. Mourning your excitement that has promptly deflated

 The novelty of wearing a saree wears off as soon as you realise you have to iron your saree of choice.

film star thumbs up GIF by BritAsia TV  

3. Water-Gate

Realising that you can’t drink water once you’ve put your saree on because you’re going to need a support group and a Xanax to get it off

I don’t mean to sound dramatic but is a key part of wearing a saree keeping your fingers crossed in the hope that you don’t randomly pass out due to chronic dehydration?

happy bread GIF by SLOTHILDA

 4. The Bollywood stage

You are not Rekha, but you’re going pretend you are, in the mirror, for about five minutes until your sister throws a coaster at your head and starts filming the ordeal for Snapchat  

                  bollywood embarassed GIF

5. Storytime with your Mum

Your Mom telling you that this was the first saree she ever bought with her first wages/ this was the saree she wore for her first date with Papa/ /this is the first saree she wore, ever /how slim she used to be…

This is probably the best part of the process because it’s like the daily gossip you have with your mom, but this time there will be a productive outcome.

terry gilliam vintage GIF

6. Your Mom telling you can’t wear a sports bra under your saree

This is the worst part of the process. But you must fight your corner and free yourself from the harsh grasp of the £24.99 underwired bra from Anne Summers.

Free the nip and that.

This step is followed by you either ignoring your Mother’s advice and wearing a sports bra anyway or changing, but it mainly depends on how strong you are as a person.

Indian American Dance GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals 

7. Regretting your decision to wear a saree immensely

You’ve decided it doesn’t look cute and your Mom is tying it like you’re a nun. Note to self; this is not why I avoid carbs on Thursday.

deepika padukone bollywood GIF

8. Reminding yourself that Manish Malhotra said Indian women should know how to tie a saree

Manish Malhotra is a fashion designer in India and his Instagram has led me to believe that he specialises in making sparkly clothes.  

But the real quetion here is are you simply reminding yourself of his statement or are you giving yourself a gentle pep talk in order to carry on with the process?  

9. Realising that your Mom has now taught you how to wear a saree and you weren’t listening  

Naturally, you hear the bit where she says; ‘next time you can do this all by yourself’ and you’re stood there making a mental note to teach Dadi (grandma) how to use FaceTime because you have no idea what’s going on.

"You don't even want to cook dal!" - Bend it Like Beckham funny movie quotes |via Mother-to-Daughter Mistranslations (Newlywed Cooking 101) - TheBigFatIndianWedding.com

10. Coming downstairs and your Dad laughing at you because you’re struggling to walk 

 Is your Dad even your Dad if he doesn’t make fun of you when you’re waddling through the living room door holding the pleats of your saree in your left hand because your Mom told you to go show him your outfit.

shahrukh khan indian GIF

 To conclude, wearing a saree is like drinking 3 tequila shots and 4 strawberry daiquiri’s – we all say we’re never doing that again – until the next time we feel a sudden rush of excitement affiliated with a hint of naivety.



  1. Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better



2. Mujhse Dosti Karoge – Title Track

This is one of my fave Indian songs of all time and the post is about Indian things so including it in my list made sense.


Why Are Feminists Telling us to Stop Wearing Tampons?

I wonder if everyone has the same definition of feminism; if we were all asked to give a SparkNotes summary of the movement, would we all come to the same conclusion?

A poll carried out by YouGov in 2018 revealed that only 34% of women in the UK identify as Feminists, despite the same report stating that eight out of 10 people believed that men and women should be treated equally in every way.

From this, it’s fair to say most people react to the F-word the same way someone gluten-free would react to bread.

Perhaps modern-day feminism has tangled itself into the British Class System and the terms and conditions are being appropriated according to your social status, skin colour and gender?

Feminism has always had a broad spectrum but recently the movement seems to have digressed into several different categories and subdivisions that accidentally contradict each other.

For example, Free Bleeding is a Feminist movement that gained popularity in 2014 when a troll on Twitter claimed sanitary products are a patriarchal tool that oppresses women. The Twitter prank tried to discredit legitimate categories within Feminism by saying; “What is free bleeding? It consists of us womyn bleeding with no restriction … Being able to menstruate is something that is an [sic] undeniably female characteristic. How DARE they try and oppress it.” The prank was largely mocked, and the tweets were disregarded as unhelpful.


Although, the movement gained positive exposure in 2015 when Kiran Gandhi got her period the morning of the London Marathon and decided to ‘Bleed Free’ instead of wearing a sanitary napkin or a tampon. On her blog, Kiran revealed that she doesn’t necessarily believe in free bleeding but said; “women from a young age are told that their main value to society is that they must look beautiful, consumable, f*ckable. A period doesn’t fit into this category. So, it is made taboo.”

Fundamentally, Kiran said she was “advocating for it to be okay for women to speak comfortably and honestly about their own period.”


Despite this, the Free Bleeding movement still managed to hint towards a classist caveat as there was a rampant increase in feminists refusing to wear sanitary products during their period. In light of this, the founder of Bloody Good Period Gabby Edin said, “I think it is an immense privilege to be able to bleed free.”

Free Bleeding could be interpreted as a privileged snub towards period poverty.
It’s almost like they’re asking for creative gratification and choosing to glaze over the fact that more than 350,000 cis and trans girls have to miss school because they don’t have sound access to sanitary products.


It quickly gained recognition as a form of white feminism because the narrative can be seen as coming from a place of privilege. The movement fails to acknowledge the women, girls and people that simply cannot afford sanitary products, and bleed out of poverty – not privilege.

So, is Free Bleeding daring, or is it the perfect example of our digression?



  1. Prateek Kuhad – cold/mess | Audiotree Live







2. Frank Turner – Reasons Not to Be an Idiot

My sister has been playing this song all week and keeps telling me to pay attention to the lyrics.




3. Mahalia – Simmer (feat. Burna Boy)







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Review: Grandson: a modern tragedy vol. 2

 Music and politics, when combined can make quite a powerful comradery. American Canadian singer and songwriter Jordon Edward Benjamin, also known as Grandson, is the perfect example of this and his latest album, ‘a modern tragedy vol. 2’ is no different. The album is categorised as alternative rock, trap music, alternative hip-hop and electronic music. But fundamentally, Grandson is using his music as a pawn to convey a concise, blunt and powerful commentary on politics and reality. 

Especially as a common conjecture often associated with his music is that Trump managed to infamously inspire a lot of his songs. As light googling reveals that Grandson’s first musical endeavour coincided with Donald Trump taking office in 2017. 

The lyrics in ‘a modern tragedy vol.2’ convey subtle-to-bold observations on the colossal damage and global consequences certain political advances seem to be having. 

 The album begins with the only single from the EP, ‘Apologize.’ This song serves well as a single because it consists of original riffs and catchy lyrics that manage to set the tone for the entire album and Grandson as an artist. 

He says: “And I don’t know where I’m gonna go – But I don’t care, I’m on the road – Never been a perfect soul – But I will not apologize.” 

 The lyrics convey his aversion towards the modern-day answer to escapism because the song begins with “I lose a bit of myself with every selfie.” 

The songs hint towards a temporary reality and how society is slowly becoming fickle. “Finding a new religion on Yelp to come help me” and, “She say she love me at dusk, but at dawn – I pack up my things and I’m gone.” 

Grandson thinks people are detaching themselves from reality, to live on social media and are refusing to apologize for it. 


‘Stigmata’ is the second track on the album, and it represents danger. 

Musically this is Grandson’s most technical track because he has produced a beat that is trying to convey a sense of urgent chaos to the listener throughout the song. 

 The entire song is a metaphor about society, he is hinting towards the idea that you have to sell your soul to fit into modern-day society. An example of this is shown in the lyric: “They put a hole in the -Back of my head, – Called it suicide -Woke up with these holes – In my hands from the day- I was crucified.” The holes in his hand may represent the day he understood how society works.

Finally, when you hear; “Don’t buy all the lies they sell – When the Black Hawk flies, – Heading right for the hills” he might be talking about Capitalism. 


The third song is called ‘Is this what you wanted.’ This song has a soft and consistent beat that hints towards the mundan anarchy that everyone has desensitised themselves to. The lyrics say; ‘I turn on the news and people are in cages’ and ‘We don’t care, we don’t mind, pretend everything is awesome, while the world burns outside.’

The song uses alternative riffs in the chorus of the song and poses the question “Is this what you wanted – We get drunk, – we get high – We talk pills until the morning.”


The next song is called ‘Fallin (Temptation)’ and has a strong hip-hop influence. The first 12 seconds of this song consist of a unnerving and dubious sound before Grandson starts rapping.

The chorus of this song is vague, but the lyrics depict common fears and abrupt statements that a lot of people refuse to address. For example, the song begins with the lyrics: “They told me the point – was to get it – But nobody told me – What does it do if I got it – Chasing the high.” He continues: “All this self-loathing I foster – Mirror reflects an imposter – Swipe up and go through the motion – Obsessively posting.”

Fundamentally, the song refuses to give answers but manages to provide the reader with a depiction of our modern but tragic reality.   


‘Darkside’ being the final song on the album is extremely fitting as one of the lyrics in the chorus says “Best believe it’s the – last trick up his sleeve”

The story of the boy is used as a pawn to depict Grandson’s final observation on relaity. This song is a mixture of trap and electronic dubstep that is accompanied by a gritty and brooding voice. The song has a mellow start, but grandson continues to layer heavier beats throughout the song that intensify the track. The heavy beats manage to work well with the theme of isolation, for example, “Feeling all alone, it – was him against them.” 

Like most of his songs, the listener doesn’t get answers, but the song ends with the lyric “The kid has got a Darkside” being repeated over and over again. 



 Grandson is making music to make noise. He touches on school shootings, escapism, the price mixed with the desire of selling your soul. It’s thought provoking and worth listening too.