INDIAN MATCHMAKING: What do Men really want?

Indian Matchmaking is a new Netflix original series that explores modern arranged marriages in the Indian community.   It has created a huge impact since its launch last week and has led to a huge increase in Indian singles changing their bio to ‘trying to find someone before my parents contact someone called Sima from Mumbai’Continue reading “INDIAN MATCHMAKING: What do Men really want?”

PART 1: What will People Say when you Date Outside of your Race

It’s like the whole community wants to be fair skinned but not actually white. Indian aunties would rather you marry an undercover Indian drug lord who is heavily sought after over international seas then approve your marriage to a white guy from Bristol with a Chemistry degree.  If you marry the ‘Chemistry degree,’ they’ll boycottContinue reading “PART 1: What will People Say when you Date Outside of your Race”

How to Reject a Guy

Everyone’s a serial ghoster and it’s got to the point where we’re almost impressed by someone who takes the initiative to ghost us first. The only concern I have when it comes to ghosting people I have never met, is whether it’s a way of building up bad karma, which is a narcissistic approach, andContinue reading “How to Reject a Guy”

Dear Men, even though I believe gender is a social construct

Okay listen, I don’t know who needs to hear this. But if I’ve sent this to you specifically, I’m trying to do you a favour. – I’m sorry for the tough love and I adore you. Everyone knows that Computing and ICT are both male dominating subjects and professional spheres. Although, a handful of girlsContinue reading “Dear Men, even though I believe gender is a social construct”

Two emotionally unavailable peas in a pod

…and the pod is on fire. Have you ever met a f*ck boy with a strange sense of urgency to meet the one? I wonder if he thinks talking to multiple girls at once is the best way to fast track the process? He seems to think dating is one big game show and systematicallyContinue reading “Two emotionally unavailable peas in a pod”