Rebranded: Too Slow and Lovely?

By Shivani In India Fair and Lovely makes around £400 million of revenue per annum. ‘Fair and Lovely’ is set to change their name to ‘Glow and Lovely’ in the next few months.  The Black Lives Matter movement has challenged police brutality and racism worldwide after the murder of George Floyd on May 25. ForContinue reading “Rebranded: Too Slow and Lovely?”

VIDEO: How to Roast your Friends During Lockdown

I did my make up and asked one of my uni mates to do a voice over for me.  I suggested we do a collab like old school YouTubers from 2013 because he has a football blog. He said no due to my lack of extensive football knowledge, which I thought was a bit rude,Continue reading “VIDEO: How to Roast your Friends During Lockdown”

Basic-(ing)-ly: Mascara Review

Mascara is my favourite beauty product. I love having long eyelashes. In this blogpost, I have reviewed the Soap and Glory; Thick and Fast mascara and NYX; Worth the Hype waterproof mascara. Soap and Glory; Thick and Fast Mascara Price: £10.00 (10ml) I recently bought the soap and glory thick and fast mascara. I usuallyContinue reading “Basic-(ing)-ly: Mascara Review”