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One year later…

Is anyone else marking their second birthday in lockdown and have come to the realisation that they have spent every single day since their birthday (last year) in lockdown, cause same.

In March 2020 having a lockdown birthday seemed like a novelty specially curated for Spring babies.

Although one year later, it feels like most people have celebrated life changing events from their bedrooms, living room floors or at your cousin’s house because he’s in your bubble and has a reliable internet connection.

You might have completed your ENTIRE DEGREE in lockdown and spent most of your time trying to overcome the fact that there’s something very anti-climatic about your certificate coming through the post, followed by a ‘graduation zoom call.’

But are we having a hard time celebrating our achievements this year? Perhaps because it doesn’t seem appropriate to say ‘look what I did, look what I achieved’ whilst the entire world seems to be on fire. So instead COVID-19 has marked silent wins, collective mourning and muting people who film their workouts on their Instagram stories.

In real life, integrity consists of ‘doing the right thing when no one is watching’ but what’s the equivalent in a global pandemic: ‘doing your workout videos and not putting it on Instagram?’

Lockdown transferred our bedrooms into study hubs, offices, gyms and we even found a spot to place an oversized cushion and a book about meditation that we never read.

It’s been a year of meeting personal and professional deadlines instead of people. We’ve become accustomed to our FaceTime angles whilst our laptops have become accustomed to overheating after a 15 minute zoom call.

Although zoom reached its peak this year, TikTok probably took full rein when we’re talking about excessive internet consumption and helping so many people to develop vital parts of their personality. t’s the being on TikTok till 3am for no reason for me.

But the pandemic has helped us learn other things, I learnt different techniques that could help me calm my anxiety after it started to get worse throughout lockdown.

It was the kind of dread you get right before an exam and a random teacher tries to make you feel better by saying; ‘nerves mean you care.’

I also learnt how to make chai and the existential covid-induced anxiety (as mentioned above) also leaked into my coffee obsession and caffeine became off limits. And just like that I became a chai drinker.

It’s been a year of static change because everything has changed whilst feeling like we’re standing still. It seems like a lifetime ago when all we could talk about was Brexit and we wished for something else to dominate the news…

Did anyone else spend their New Years with Dominoes Pizza and a film, too scared to raise a glass and bask in the cliches like ‘this year is going to be our year.’ I saw a dramatic decline in people starting work emails with ‘happy new year’ back in January, probably because they didn’t want to tempt fate and also the start of this year has been much of the same to be honest.

But we all noticed a shift as we brought in a year of lockdown. People shared their thoughts and laughed at those who thought we would only be in this mess for three weeks or so. It’s also good to know that a large majority of the British population have still not forgiven those who started hoarding toilet paper and pasta.

But where do we go from here?


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