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2020 in Review: What did we Learn?

This year has just been me and my overheating laptop that sounds like a jet engine about to catch fire and my anxiety-induced on and off relationship with coffee.

Is it fair to say, most of us started the year not knowing the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic. Although some of us still don’t know, I feel like we’ve got the gist of what a world pandemic looks like at this point.

2020 hasn’t been a total write off though, because we’ve learnt loads of stuff since March. I learnt that the bane of modern society is toilet paper and pasta. I found out that the World Health Organisation uses TikTok to make important COVID-19 announcements.

Image shows GIPH of three people in a supermarket panic buying supplies. Photo via GIPHY

I also learnt that some people are getting too comfortable with the hashtag #relatablecontent
because the rabbit hole is either very funny or makes you question the sanity of humanity.

For example, the year of digital social interactions has helped me relate to the meme-quote: ‘have you ever opened a message from someone and thought, what am I supposed to do with this?’

However, I don’t think I’ll ever understand how Georgia Harrison off Love Island found mouldy chips in her coat pocket.

Image shows a GIPH of a lady wearing headphones and the text in the photo reads “relatable content.” Photo via GIPHY

Did we all collectively learn that in a crisis, everyone under 25 will try their chances at becoming Instagram famous at least once and face masks with nose bridges are the easiest to wear all day.

Although this year has felt like we’ve been doing the hokey cokey with the government’s lockdown system, I decided to ask some of my friends what 2020 has taught them.

I received an array of responses such as: ”if you’re missing something- check your sister’s room because she’s taken it” and “you suck” from my siblings. Followed by my youngest cousin who informed me that he had learnt “nothing.”

I managed to receive some genuine answers to, like my friend who had improved her culinary skills in lockdown and said: “chocolate pretzels are easy to make with zero effort and you can improve the experience with some mini marshmallows.”

This year may have paved the way for us to come out the other side with affirmations like; “it’s okay to talk about your feelings” and “Prioritise yourself. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough! Always give yourself a chance.”

Some responses also revolved around the theme of time such as; “Everything can change so quickly without us even noticing” and others simply “learnt to appreciate my own company.”

The final piece of advice my friends had for me was “to take time off you don’t always have to be productive.”

Happy New Year xx

Animation shows a female moving the 2020 sign aside and grabs a 2021 sign, where she is surrounded by hope and love heart emoji’s. Photo via GIPHY

Feature Image shows a highlighted sign that reads ’20 new year 21′

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