Rape: are we all scared of the dark?

When did you learn that love, Santa clause, occasional quiet reflection and prayer can’t make the world go around? Was it prior or peak the global pandemic?

Regardless of the timescale greed, power, money and the patriarchy have always been prominent features of our society. But is it bleak to believe that these four things are key centrepieces of the world’s basic infrastructure?

Although, the patriarchy has set a global decorum that has been abided by for centuries, is it naive to believe that the patriarchy positively benefits all men?

Are we proud of the men we are creating?


Men and the Patriarchy

Boys have grown up with the comfort of their mistakes being swiftly brushed under the carpet, or worse, blamed on the girl involved.

The judiciary system has genuinely taught me that society will prefer a girl to play the role of ‘collateral damage’ in a boy’s over all journey of character growth, i.e Brock Turner.

In 2016, Brock Turner was found guilty of three charges; sexually assaulting an intoxicated victim, sexually assaulting an unconscious victim and attempting to rape her.

Turner was given a six-month jail sentence but released after serving three. Judge Persky, who was later asked to step down from his position, expressed his concerns that a ‘prison sentence would have a severe impact’ on him. However, failed to address the 7,000 word statement the victim, Emily Doe wrote to convey the impact ’20 minutes of action’ had on her. The rapist’s lack of punishment is a patriarchal perk that confirmed that rape is okay, regardless of whether you get caught.

Whereas, society has always been quick to victim shame girls by always assuming she ‘was asking for it.’ But do people genuinely believe that a woman was leering over a man because she was covertly asking to be brutally sexually assaulted and murdered – for sex?

Maybe sex is actually what makes the world go around. Sex – a concept loosely based on consent and more on entitlement because rape is something that petrifies men in prison but for women, it’s every time the sun starts to set.


Rape culture repeats itself

Often repetition can set off an allusion that a problem has been solved, but surely the exposure of an issue is different to resolving it. Yet, Feminist rallies are periodically met with an element of hostility, snide side eyes and hushed remarks of some people questioning ‘why women could possibly need any more rights?’

Draupadi, a Hindu-Indian woman from the 8th century could be considered as one of the first feminists in the world. So, if the concept has been around since single figured centuries can we all confidently say that we’ve achieved equality?

Since the transition into double figured centuries, society has had a challenging relationship with the F word. The concept holds enough power to scare and confuse adults that will only read a book if it has pictures. Despite this, more men and women are openly choosing to refer to themselves as feminists. And have started to understand intersectional feminism by acknowledging the importance of achieving equality for everyone and not just people who look like you.

In light of this, it’s fair to say that society acts like the issue of inequality has been resolved, until the Nirbhaya case repeats itself.

Then the clockwork starts again. The protests, petitions, campaigns and the inevitable resurfacing of performative activism on the grid. The promise of tightening punishments and increased security from people in power and celebrities tweeting out their thoughts and prayers.

Despite the noise, how much progress we’ve actually made suddenly becomes crystal clear because when the dust of this case settles, society will reset.  It’s almost like society has become accustomed to a girl playing the role of ‘collateral damage’ for us to be reminded how little progress we’ve actually made.


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