INDIAN MATCHMAKING: What do Men really want?

Indian Matchmaking is a new Netflix original series that explores modern arranged marriages in the Indian community.  

It has created a huge impact since its launch last week and has led to a huge increase in Indian singles changing their bio to ‘trying to find someone before my parents contact someone called Sima from Mumbai’ on their dating app of choice. This might be because Sima Aunty believes that first dates should always be accompanied by both (joint) families to avoid a ‘flop meeting.’

Although, the only person that has benefited from this set up was probably Akshay who married a charted accountant and genuinely could not care less because his overview of marriage was simply disheartening.


When asked on their first meeting, Radhika clearly stated that she wants to be a working woman and independent.

Despite the slightly confused squint, Akshay expressed at the thought of an independent woman, he remained silent but later told the camera that he would prefer his “future partner to do the same things in the house that my Mom does.”  

This was promptly followed by the statement of the century (just not this one) “and if she’s busy with her work, who’s going to look after the children?” 

  • You Akshay. As a Father, you will look after your children.  

To summarise, that is the conversation he should have had with Radhika because they are not on the same page.

But it also clears up any confusion we may have had when Sima Aunty said marriage is about ‘adjustment,’ ‘compromise’ and being ‘flexible.’ 


We now know that actually means society expects women to suppress their dreams and ambitions in order to devote their life towards appeasing an entitled man-child who is marrying you because his Mum told him to. 

Indian men and their Mothers

If you were to ask the men from India on this show why they want to get married, Pradhyuman (Prads) and (problematic) Akshay would probably say; ‘because my Mum told me too.’ 

But is it wild for me to assume that if this is your only valid answer, then you are not ready to get married?

Sima Aunty might not like Aparna because she’s independent, ambitious and slightly rude but the real antagonist of this show was Akshay’s Mother. 

She thinks you can put something like ‘finding the one’ into a timeframe and is probably going to tick it off her magnetic to-do-list on the fridge the morning after the wedding. 

The show’s narrative reminds us that marriage is an objective task to be completed by the age of 25, and that being emotionally ready has no bearing with the issue. 

Sima Aunty (from Mumbai) also frequently reminds the audience that being tall and fair is the most important thing a girl has to bring to the table. And the most disturbing thing about it is, she’s not wrong. 

Prads rejected over 150 girls before he met Rushali, who is tall and fair. She is also educated but that is noted as a secondary attribute.


Rushali could have turned up to the date reciting principles from Mein Kampf and Prads would still tell Sima aunty that he’s suddenly ready to get married. It’s almost like the change of heart is being fuelled by the fact that she’s tall and fair.

To conclude, the only difference between Sima Aunty from Mumbai and Indian aunties is that Sima Aunty is getting paid.

Stay safe out there.

By Shivani

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