VIDEO:Bromsgrove’s local Zero-Waste shop has adapted to the COVID-climate

A SMALL business in Bromsgrove has found a creative way to survive whilst following lockdown restrictions and rising COVID19 concerns.

Emily Atwell, 23 is the founder of Nature’s Intention which is a local shop that advocates zero waste and sells vegan friendly products and food.  

The store was listed as an essential business that has been allowed to remain open; it is now offering their customers the option to order from their website and Emily is delivering everything herself.

She said: “The threat of corona virus is spurring me to get the online service up and running in record time.”

Nature’s Intention (taken before lockdown)

Emily said customers are happy to wait outside the shop while she packs up their orders inside.

“We’ve had some really entertaining moments, including one customer who turned a saucepan in to an instrument and cheered me through the window.”

Natures Intention

Alternatively, Emily is delivering the items to her customers on Thursday and Saturday between 2:00pm-6:00pm.

The new delivery system has proven to be widely popular and has been something the business has wanted to venture into for a while.

She has also been using social media to share recipes and challenge customers in online competitions.

Before the lockdown the store had started pop-up shops in Alcester and Emily had just started cooking vegan meals for the shop too.

“I did want to open another shop but I’m not sure we’re there yet, so we’re just expanding by doing more events and creating more awareness.”

Once the restrictions are lifted the shop intends to continue with their expansion plans.

Follow this link if you would like to order vegan essentials from their website.

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