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VIDEO: I tried to make cupcakes

I tried to make cupcakes from a packet and I honestly don’t think it’s normal to struggle this much on something that has two ingredients, three steps and aimed at five-year-olds. I know that I said (twice!) in the video that I’m not starting a YouTube channel, but my format wasn’t compatible with Instagram so here we are, with a YouTube channel. Don’t judge me. Some people might call it destiny, other people might call it being a moron and not filming your video vertically and saving it as a jpg in the first place. I tried to film this as a serious tutorial but quickly realised that it’s more of a comedy show that I might have to submit as my final project for my video journalism module because we’re practising social distancing now. I think social distancing is where you sit at home and watch Instagram stories where people aggressively tell you to stay at home and avoid liking anyone’s ‘until tomorrow’ photo. Enjoy the video, let me know what you think!
I know I look really gormless in the thumbnail but thank you.
This article mainly consists of free writing which is a technique that writers use when they’re struggling with writer’s block. Rupi Kaur says she only does freewriting with a pen and paper because it helps her write her most rare and vulnerable work. I always try and do freewriting on my laptop so I can delete the evidence because half the time I don’t even make sense and not in a cool-angsty Kafka way, I just sound like a narcissistic moron, which is 40% true most of the time. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane, which I actually think are both equally important. Now that self-isolating is making me question my priorities, spending most of the day watching Friday Night Dinner and editing this video seemed totally justifiable. I hope you’re also making time to do things you would otherwise convince yourself you would not have time for.

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