10 Things to do During a Storm

There is a storm outside, here is a list of 10 groundbreaking things you can do during a storm that you’ve probably never even thought of before.

1. Procrastinate on your Public Affairs revision

Procrastinate by writing a blogpost about things you should do in a storm which seems like a full proof plan, in theory.

2. Googling Storm Ciara

In the grand scheme of things, the storm seems like the season 4 plot twist we’ve all been waiting for. If we were to place a nihilistic bet on how humanity would ultimately end, most people would say coronavirus, our personal lack of common sense or some political leaders and their personal lack of common sense but then the universe was like BOOM, have a storm.


May or may not regret googling it #iamawokefemalewithaninternetconnection

3. Film the storm on snapchat to let people know there is a storm

Just in case your audience has discovered how to use snapchat but not windows. Tbh they might not even have windows and in that case, we can laugh, but really these film-makers are the ones doing the lords work.

4. Make some tea

Rain makes everyone into a tea drinker, looking out the window with a scorching cup of tea thinking, just being smug about the fact that you’re not outside right now because my 5.2 ass would get blown over in 0.2 seconds.

5. Weigh up the pros and cons of the world actually ending

Here is mine:

Pros of the world endingCons of the world ending
Won’t have to do anymore shorthand exams 

6. Instagram

Stalk people on instagram, stalk yourself on instagram, deal with second-hand embarrassment from the captions you wrote from like a year ago. Then put your phone down.

Sometimes I write captions I shouldn’t

7. (A lowkey serious option) Make a den in the living room with your siblings/friends

Don’t forget to bring duvets, snacks, fairy lights, pillows and obviously hope for the future

8. Pick your phone up again and repeat no. 6

Contemplate editing said captions but then deciding to keep them to remind yourself how much of a moron you used to be

9. Google how to survive in a Zombie apocalypse

The storm could be a part of climate change, but we could also be on the brink of a zombie apocalypse and it would be naive not to consider all the viable possibilities.

Now is the time to draw up your game plan, pack your suitcase and keep an eye on those suburban wine Mum’s because they are definitely going to be the first ones to turn into Zombies.

10. FaceTime/talk your Mom

To give her all the goss, an update on the garden fence the storm blew over last night and go over your Public Affairs revision

Here is a link to the songs I listened to whilst writing this blogpost

And Finally

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