10 Songs that Everyone Should Know

I’ve recently started to write for an online magazine where we’re expected to pitch 10-15 article ideas alongside submitting our articles at the end of the week. Although this writing internship is fun and my editor is super nice, they keep rejecting all of my ideas that involve writing about music.

I understand why they keep rejecting my idea, I feel like inflicting your music taste on to other people is lowkey narcissistic. Having said and acknowledging this, here is a list of 10 on my favourite songs anyway.

1. Kicks – Barns Courtney

This song is seriously so sick and Barns Courtney is probably a genius! The best part of this song is probably the chorus and how badass it can make you feel.

Another song by Courtney that I love is fire and is definitely worth listening too.

2.bad guy – Billie Eilish

Not only is this girl only 17, but she is also thriving in her chosen career,  playing at Coachella, styling out forgetting the words to her song whilst playing at Coachella and she’s only just getting started.

This song is literally addictive and I’ve been listening to it none stop. I also think the song has great potential to choreograph something sick too.

To conclude, fully obsessed.

3. Blood’s Thicker Than Water – Bobby Bazini

I’m not going to lie, the soundtrack for Suits probably got me into soft rock and blues in the first place.

I think I particularly like this song because of it’s mellow, chill and powerful vibe


4.Harry Styles – Sign of the Times

I like Harry Styles, he doesn’t care too much about gendered fashion rules and often wears women’s blouses because they look good, he’s not a dick and he makes really dope music.

5. Freedom -EMM

There is a YouTube channel called MrSuicideSheep and they always post new songs from small artists and when I am procrastinating I always go and have a mooch around this page and I always manage to find a gem, like this song.



6. Let Me Down Slowly- Alec Benjamin & Alessia Cara

I’d like to thank MrSuicideSheep once again for introducing me to this song and Alec Benjamin.


7. Despicable -grandson

I originally thought Grandson was a band and then I realised that it’s one guy with a lot to say.

This artist is particularly cool because he is trying to convey a story to his listeners. He is either talking about the ‘President’ of the free world, racial, social and political issues. It’s not just music, he’s trying to orchestrate a rebellion.

I like this song in particular because I think the beat drop is dope.


8. Are You Satisfied? – Reignwolf

I like Reignwolf because he sounds a little bit like Led Zepplin.

I can see this song being used in a T.V show right before the protagonist loses their shit and sets someone’s car on fire. Not that I am at all encouraging anyone to set someone’s car on fire when they lose their shit.


9. I Need To See You – Natalia M.King

This song has the power to set the tone of a room and the music manages flows on its own.


10.Everything goes to hell –  Tom Waits

Tom Waits.What a Legend.


11. (Bonus Track) Tabaah Ho Gaye – Kalank

Here is an Indian song I have been obsessed with lately.

As a classical dancer, this song is literally a dream because there is so much you can do with it. It’s dramatic, emotional and literally everything you would want an Indian song to be.

So this was a different type of blog post from my usual mind ramblings, I hope you liked the songs in this list and don’t think I’m too much of a narcissist for writing this post in the first place.

Feature Image Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/121315783695963861/

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