Basic-(ing)-ly: Mascara Review

Mascara is my favourite beauty product. I love having long eyelashes. In this blogpost, I have reviewed the Soap and Glory; Thick and Fast mascara and NYX; Worth the Hype waterproof mascara.

Soap and Glory; Thick and Fast Mascara

Price: £10.00 (10ml)

I recently bought the soap and glory thick and fast mascara. I usually go for soap and glory skin-care products because they smell amazing and usually make my skin feel soft and silky.

Although, after trying their Supercat fat eye-liner, I decided to try a few more of their make-up and beauty products. Like their Thick and Fast Mascara. Here is my honest review of what I think of this product:

First of all, the packaging of this product is a striking gold colour with Thick and Fast written horizontally over it. The mascara wand is easy to use and it’s almost impossible to poke yourself in the eye with it. However, because the applicator is quite big it’s hard to reach the corners of your eye and bottom lashes. I often find that it’s easy to get blobs of mascara all over your eye-lid whilst you’re applying this product. It takes over 2 minutes to dry and instead of making my eyelashes long, it makes them clumpy, stick together and almost like spider legs. However, once this product is successfully on your lashes it will not flake off or smudge, so this is a great one for work or university or other situations where touching up your make-up is your last priority. This would be perfect for an everyday make-up look because this product has a very simple finish. This mascara is great when trying to recreate a no-make-up-make-up because it manages to subtly lift your eyelashes.

A tip that I have found to work when using this Soap and Glory product is to curl your eyelashes before-hand. Also once applied, running an eyebrow comb through your eyelashes will iron out all the unwanted clumps.

This mascara is relatively easy to take off with the Garnier Micellar water make-up remover and a cotton round.

Overall, I don’t think I would repurchase this item. Although I like Soap and Glory products, I don’t think their mascara stands out and there are better products that do not clump your eyelashes together for a cheaper price. 

NYX; Worth the Hype waterproof

Price: £9.00 (7ml)

I recently tried the NYX mascara because I was told it’s worth the hype (bad-pun I know) and I love this mascara.

This product genuinely lifts your eyelashes and makes them look long and voluminous without your eyelashes becoming clumpy.

My favourite thing about this mascara is it manages to lift your eyelashes without giving a dramatic, false eyelash look. This product would also be perfect for university or work because it has a very subtle effect whilst managing to elongate each individual strand and doesn’t clump your eyelashes together at all.

Another feature of this product is that it dries quickly. The brush is very sleek and easy to apply mascara even in the corners of your eye. However, this is not easy to take off with make-up remover. Although I’m not completely sure if this is a good or bad thing, this product is a tough one to budge! Despite this, I would definitely buy this product again!

Overall, my review entails a serious bias. In short: love the Nyx mascara and the Soap and Glory one is okay.

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