I wrote this because my mother told me my lips looked dry and I seem to have accidentally embarked on a quest to find a new trusty lip balm. In total, I have reviewed four lips balms in this post.

When searching for a new, reliable lip balm, there are certain ingredients that you should look out for. The list below all have moisturising qualities, and you should definitely look out for them when purchasing a new lip balm.

  • Coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Almond oil
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Aloe vera 

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 20.21.43

1. Eos Crystal Hibiscus Peach Lip Balm


This product is animal cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Retail price:

Boots: £7.00

Superdrug: £6.99

Amazon: £6.99



Key ingredients: Shea and coconut oils (moisturising properties)

When you open the unit, the actual lip balm is a firm transparent gel shape in the form of a dome. It has a rich and subtle aroma and is soft upon application. However, the balm is generally quite oily and can make your lips feel greasy rather than smooth at times.

Initially, this product gives off a strong first impression. When you first apply this balm it makes your lips feel quite soft and smooth and also adds a quaint shimmer to your lips but does not add any colour. But, it also makes you feel like you need to constantly reapply.

This product doesn’t really improve the overall quality of your lips; it just makes you feel like you’ve improved the overall quality of your lips. For example, one of the things this lip balm claims to do is soften and hydrate your lips. However, it only really makes your lips feel soft and hydrated when you are wearing the product.

Having said that, this product would be perfect to keep in your bag/office desk or car because it is quite a good quick fix for your lips. eos crystal clear lip balm will add a nice shimmer to your lips and make them look soft and hydrated.

I actually bought this in the sale for £4.00..ish(?), in Boots. If I were to be brutally honest, I wouldn’t pay the full price of £7.00 for a product that doesn’t really do what it claims to do.

Stars earned: 3/10 stars (the extra star is because the packaging it low-key (high-key) cute)

2. Carmex Cherry


This product is animal cruelty-free, but not suitable for vegans.

Retail price:

Boots: £2.69

Superdrug: £1.79 (on offer) 

Amazon): £3.01



Key ingredients: Flavour, Menthol, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter (this will provide immediate relief to the skin when applied).

I used to think Carmex was my ride and die until I put it on and my mother told me my lips look dry. So now Carmex has just become another source to fuel my unnecessary paranoia.

Carmex as a brand is predominantly known for the immediate cooling sensation you feel when you first apply it. Carmex creates this sensation (tingling) by using two ingredients’ called menthol and camphor which is either synthetically made or derived from peppermint oil.

Although often when brands promising a cooling sensation they are using peppermint because peppermint gives the user a cooling (tingly) sensation on their lips, it doesn’t actually do anything to improve the quality of your lips.

These particular ingredients can dry your lips out quickly making you think you need to reapply your lip balm.

Having said that, Carmex could be used as a good base before adding lipstick because the product is clear. It is actually quite a good product for your lips it does reduce soreness and prevents them from chapping. It just makes me feel paranoid because my Mom said it makes my lips dry.   

Stars earned: 5/10 stars (No extra stars awarded because of cute packaging)

3. Burt’s Bees (Pomegranate Flavour)

lipreview burtsbees.jpg

This product is animal cruelty-free but not suitable for vegans.

Retail Price:

Boots: £3.99

Superdrug: £3.99

Amazon: £2.66



Key ingredients: Pomegranate Oil (Punica granatum), natural flavour, canola oil, Helianthus Annuus seed oil

Burt’s Bee’s is probably my favourite lip balm of all. It has quite a refreshing smell and a lovely dark red colour. The small packaging means it can easily fit into pockets and those tiny bags/purses that don’t really fit a lot in them but you still buy because they look cute.

After using this lip balm for a week, it has definitely improved the quality of my lips and leaves them feeling soft and hydrated. It smells great and does nourish and hydrate your lips. Burt’s Bees doesn’t make me feel like I need to constantly reapply, and I found that this balm repairs and replenishes them for when you’re not wearing it. This lip balm has definitely helped the overall quality of my lips and prevented them from looking and feeling so cracked. 

The only downside of this product would it claims to be a lip tint, but the colour comes through only after applying several layers. 

Stars earned: 8/10 (The packaging of the product is gender neutral. They also come in a set of three which would be the perfect gift!)

4. Melty Talented Dry Lip and Skin Balm

lipbalm metly talentedx2 (1) (1).jpg

This product is animal cruelty-free but not suitable for vegans.

Retail price:

Soap and Glory Website: £5.00

Boots: £5.00

Amazon: £8.85



Key ingredients: This balm contains coconut and almond oil (which are particularly moisturising for your lips and skin), water, Glycerin (which is really good for your skin, it creates a protective outer layer on your skin/lips that prevents moisture loss)

This product is unique because it melts when it meets oil which makes it easy to massage into your lips. It’s also very lightweight but it can make your lips feel quite oily once you apply it to your lips. I quite like this though, because when you apply it on the skin it feels like it soaks into your skin and hydrates and softens your skin immediately.

The packaging is small and compact, but I don’t think this is a product I would put in my everyday work bag. Instead, I would add it to my night-time skincare routine to help nourish and moisturise my skin at the end of the day and use the Burt’s Bees lip balm for everyday, on-the-go use.

Also, this would be great for travelling because it’s very practical: you can use it on not only your lips but on your elbows, knees, hair tips and cuticles. It’s basically saving you space in your wash bag.

Stars earned: 7/10

To summarise:

  1. Eos: bad
  2. Carmex: okay, but makes me low-key paranoid that it’s not actually doing anything
  3. Burt’s Bees: love, cause it’s gender neutral, vegan and moisturising
  4. Soap and Glory Melty Talented: like, very practical for when travelling 

Overall, Carmex probably has the most undesirable ingredients as it includes menthol and flavouring; and the Soap and Glory product is probably the best one for your skin. The products I would purchase again from this list would be Burt’s Bees for everyday use, and Soap and Glory’s Melty Talented as a new aspect of my night-time skincare routine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review, especially because this was my first official(ish) review of things on my blog. xx

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